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Boise Investment Properties: Listings And Tips

If you're in the looking to earn income off an investment property in the Greater Boise area, you've come to the right place. HomeRiver Realty has every single residential investment property for sale in the Boise real estate market listed below. These include income properties that you can earn money renting out, such as duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and larger multi-family properties. Due to Boise's strong economy and job market, property values have been steadily rising for many years and show no signs of slowing down any time soon, so buying an investment property in Boise or any of the surrounding communities will likely be a great financial decision. View all the Boise investment properties for sale below and feel free to contact HomeRiver Realty if you're looking for more guidance on buying an investment property.

Why You Should Invest In Boise Real Estate

As mentioned above, the economy in Boise has been extremely strong for many years, resulting in a demand for more homes and a steady increase in home prices. Boise's unemployment rate is also significantly lower than the national average (2.3% compared to the U.S. average of around 4%), which is obviously a positive. In fact, this in itself is a great recipe to profit off pretty much any investment property, but there's more to Boise's great investment property market than just the economy and job market.

Boise's population includes a large amount of students due to the presence of Boise State University, as well as Boise Bible College and campuses for Idaho State University and the University of Idaho. Naturally, many of these students are looking for homes to rent, which increases the demand for rentals of all property types, thus strengthening the rental market and leading to a very low vacancy rate.

The taxes and general cost of living in Boise and its surrounding towns are quite low in comparison to many other cities and regions in America, particularly in the western states. Both the sales and income tax is very low, and the property tax rate is also below the national average. Furthermore, car insurance and utility rates in Boise are also very reasonable.

But perhaps the biggest reason why Boise real estate will always be in demand and the market will continue to be strong is the quality of life for families and singles alike. The schools are very well ranked (number one in Idaho), and both the entertainment scene and outdoor recreational opportunities are excellent.

How HomeRiver Realty Can Help With Your Boise Investment Property

At HomeRiver Realty, we offer a range of services to all types of real estate investors, in addition to regular homebuyers and sellers. HomeRiver Realty is part the HomeRiver Group, one of the largest and most effective national property management companies in the country. Our agents in Boise have several decades of combined experience and know the market and submarkets of the Boise area extremely well, not to mention the operating expenses within these markets. We've handled many different investment properties in the area, from houses to multi-family developments both big and small.

In short, we have more than enough knowledge and experience to handle any investment property transaction in Boise and many other areas of Idaho.

Need someone to manage your rental property? We can take care of that too. Here's a list of things we can help you with when it comes to investment properties:

Email us to create a plan for your investment property. Let us know what you goals are and ask us any question you'd like. We're happy to help! To learn more about our property management services and pricing, click here.

Current Boise Investment Properties For Sale