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Boise Waterfront Homes

Boise, Idaho might not be an area known for white-sand beaches or sprawling lakes, but what it does have is the beautiful, winding Boise River, as well as a series of artificial lakes all along its length. Boise waterfront homes for sale offer the best experience of this scenic river, allowing you to enjoy its abundant wildlife, clean waters, and natural beauty. In a range of styles, types, and sizes, waterfront homes in Boise and homes near the Boise River have something suitable for any buyer, despite being relatively small in number. So don't hesitate to get your hands on one of these rare gems in the wonderful city of Boise, Idaho.

View all of the current waterfront homes for sale in Boise below, or read more about Boise riverfront properties and communities.

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About Boise Waterfront Homes For Sale

The fantastically preserved and maintained river areas and well-designed ponds and lakes around Boise are the perfect venues for relaxing walks, rafting, fishing, or simply taking in the scenery. The Boise River especially boasts fantastic facilities for outdoor recreation, as well as many other attractions along its banks, including the Boise Art Museum, Zoo, and Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

So, it's no surprise then that waterfront properties in Boise, Idaho, are highly sought after.

Waterfront Properties in Boise, Idaho

Much of Boise's waterfront land is occupied by parks, and, to a lesser degree, commercial and industrial properties. As such, residential waterfront property is highly prestigious in Boise. A great deal of waterfront homes in Boise are actually on artificial ponds. The Two Rivers and Riverside Village communities in Eagle are one such example, as are River Quarry Apartments and River Run in southeast Boise.

General areas offering property close to the Boise River include the homes along Riverside Drive in northwest Boise, homes around Plantation Country Club and Silver Lake, Barber Station, The Waterfront District, and the area north of Parkcenter Boulevard in southeast Boise.

Overall, Boise's waterfront real estate market hosts a wide variety of property types and styles running the length of Boise River, and collected around the various small lakes and ponds. From modest attached townhomes, to luxury estates upwards of 4000 square feet. Some homes even boast agricultural acreages for commercial or hobby use.

Boise's Waterfront Attractions

In general, waterfront properties tend to be more desirable than others, all else being equal. There's something about open or flowing water - the beauty and recreational opportunities it offers - that adds a substantial amount of value to any property with access to it.

While Boise may not have any beachfront homes, or large lakes, it does have the beautiful Boise River running right past its downtown area. In fact, the vast majority of Boise enjoys conveniently close access to this waterway.

The well-preserved state of the river means that residents not only enjoy the tranquil scenery it offers, but can also fish and swim in its waters. One particularly popular activity is to take a relaxing trip down the river on some kind of flotation device. Usually done between Barber and Julia Davis Parks, this journey typically takes 2 hours to complete.

This natural beauty of the river has also been enhanced by the city with numerous parks and facilities. These include Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, Julia Davis Park, Ann Morrison Park, and Esther Simplot Park.

These parks are linked by a green belt consisting of 25 miles of paths, suitable for biking, walking, or running. Visitors can take in the wildlife, or try their hand it catching a trout or steelhead.

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