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Boise North End Real Estate

Tree-lined boulevards, incredible heritage architecture, and breathtaking scenery are what make North End Boise real estate some of the most desirable property in all of Idaho. Featuring many of the area's oldest and most historic homes, this incredible neighborhood offers over 140 years of character and charm. Just minutes from downtown, Boise's North End has its own unique array of locally owned shops that attract visitors from all over the city.

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About North End Boise Homes For Sale

If you are looking for North End Boise homes for sale, you will find a mix of stately historical homes, charming bungalows, and modern homes with luxury finishes. Homebuyers fall in love with the unified eclecticism that the North End embraces.

Architectural styles vary in this inner-ring suburb and include Queen Anne, Craftsman, Tudor, Revival, and Contemporary styles that are right on trend today. This area suits the desires of many homebuyers, from those looking for the perfect home to remodel to those are ready to move into their dream Boise home.

Homebuyers looking for great homes to remodel in Boise will not find better bones than in this historic neighborhood. You can find incredible turn-of-the-century, non-contributing fixer-uppers in the low $300k. These homes can often be a treasure trove of original unique architectural details and design that you just cannot find in today's retail marketplaces.

If you have your heart set on a new move-in ready modern home, you will can expect prices anywhere from $400k to over a $1M. These homes are often either partially or fully remodeled, rebuilt, or the original homesteads were torn down to make way for a modern successor. It is up to homebuyers to explore these properties, as each is an individual as the next. This neighborhood is not your cookie-cutter suburb.

North End Boise History Spotlight

A historic visit from President Benjamin Harrison to Boise in 1891 earmarked an 25-year intense building boom for Boise's North End. As speculators purchased land, the North End community began to flourish. The most prominent citizens began building stately Queen Anne homes along Harrison Boulevard. The neighborhood matured into an incredible collection of architectural styles as it continued to see growth well into the early 1950s.

It wasn't until the 1960's that the North End began to decline. As Boise's population grew, estate homes were converted into dormitories and apartments, trying to accommodate the influx of new residents into its corridors. It started to be known as a bit of a slum by the 1970s, as loose building codes threatened the integrity of this once beautiful area.

As the 1980's rolled in, concerned citizens took back their neighborhood, successfully petitioning to tighten up the free-for-all zoning that hurt it so badly. In 1989, finally, the community was able to get it designated as a local historic district by the City of Boise, following the 1980 National Register Historic Places declaration for Harrison Boulevard.

Life in North End Boise

Although it is just minutes from Boise's busy urban center, you will find that the North End homes for sale are set in total peace and serenity. The stunning streets are luminous with tall oaks, maples, and ash trees that add an incredible color depth to the landscape during the foliage months.

In this neighborhood, you will find that North Enders lead an impressive lifestyle. There is an entire culture that envelops this neighborhood, dictated by the history of the homes and the carefully planned outdoor spaces sprinkled throughout. You'll also notice the pride and passion in the North End community, as it's certainly hard to miss the warmth and good nature of the people in it.

Parks and Recreation

You will not be able to find a North End home for sale that isn't near one of the celebrated parks in the area. This charming neighborhood has 12 parks for residents to visit, each offering a different set of activities and events year-round.

One of Boise's favorite parks, Camel's Back Park is home to the Hyde Park Street Fair. This 11-acre outdoor haven features a playground, tennis courts, picnic area, and is the gateway to Hulls Gulch and the Boise foothills.

If you are looking for the perfect park for your little ones, then Gordon S. Bowen park is the perfect place. This quiet and secluded park offers incredible playgrounds and lush grass, complete with benches for you to get to know your fellow parent-neighbors.

Canoe and SUP enthusiasts spend their downtime at Quinn's Pond (Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park). This 22-acre pond is adjacent to the Greenbelt, and includes canoe landings, fishing docks, a small beach area, and a sheltered picnic area. This park takes urban paddling to a whole new level!

If you are looking for walking and mountain biking trails, then Hulls Gulch and the Boise Foothills is a great place to escape to. It is a beautiful hike through the foothills that will take you through areas with rare plants and riparian corridors. It is also a condoned DOLA (Dog Off Leash Area), so make sure to bring spot to explore.

Other parks in this area include Sunset Park and Fort Boise & Skate Park along with several other notable neighborhood parks, always giving North Enders a place to relax and unwind.